Having been in operation since 2010, Lifetech Labs is without a doubt one of the most experienced and best performing labs in the world today. The company is mainly involved in production of peptides and growth hormones. Over the years, it has acquired sophisticated equipment and top technology which means it’s able to seamlessly produce unique products of the highest possible quality. The laboratory’s main focus is on adhering to a strict manufacturing procedure right from the synthesis stage to purification and finally lyophilization.

Based in Asia, Lifetech Labs works with some of the world’s best expertise and has also invested heavily in production equipment. This is in line with its desire and devotion to achieving excellence in regards to safety and effectiveness of its products. Every growth hormone and peptide it manufactures has to be checked by trained technicians, tested for efficacy, and validated to be safe for human consumption. Besides, all have to be approved by various major world pharmaceutical authorities before being released into the market. To check the authenticity of the products sold online today, Lifetech Labs recommends that customers use this anti-counterfeit tool here. is proud to be an official reseller of Lifetech Labs’ products that includes 7 Biosynergy, Ipamorelin, Sermorelin, Melanotan, GHRP-2, and IGF-1 among others.

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