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Alpha-Pharma Healthcare is located in the Chandivali business park in Mumbai, India. Since 2008, Alpha-Pharma has offered development contract generic pharmaceutical licenses in their R & D center (research and development). This enables them to help their partners with missions such as:

  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Process validation
  • Development of fixed-dose formulation
  • Test and dissolution test
  • Scale production laboratory test batches
  • Development record
  • Contract manufacturing on a commercial basis


alpha-phama boldebolin

In addition, their Regulatory Affairs team is able to compile technical data according to specific folders for each country and can help achieve bioequivalence studies for clinical research organizations’ relevant guidelines as necessary.

Therefore, they have final dosage forms manufacturing capacity in their facilities that are specific to countries approved. To this we can add an active fight against counterfeit products. All their products can be authenticated through an authentication system to two factors:

Each product has a serial number which is visible on the bottle or box and a security code to be scratched. The serial number and the security code can be entered on the authentication website to verify the authenticity of the product. Alpha-Pharma has managed in a few years to build a very solid reputation. This is not surprising given the quality of their products, such as Boldebolin, Induject-250, Mastebolin, NandroRapid, Nandrobolin, Alphabolin,Oxanabol, Oxydrolone, Rexogin, Rexobol, Oxydrolone, Thyro3, Astralean, Testobolin, TestoRapid, Provibol, Altamofen, Vitagon

Alpha-Pharma has a commitment to mankind, a commitment of improving the quality of life for each and every individual through which they constantly strive to innovate, improve and increase the availability of cost-efficient generic medicines to the global market.

They believe that medicine should be available to all people regardless of their location, and affordable for them at any income level such that the cost of medical treatment should not be a concern for any part of the population.

Through their commitment they have chosen to focus their resources on generic medicines in which field they aim to increase the availability of their quality medicines and increase global awareness of the vast financial savings offered to society by making generic medicines available to the general population.



atlas-pharma deca-durbolin 250Atlas Pharma is located in Stockholm. Their offices can be found in the center of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology development region of Sweden. They offer a range of high-quality anabolic steroids such as Sustanon, Primobolin, Deca Durabolin, Masteron, Trenbolone Acetate, Tren-Mix 250, Winstrol, Equipoise, Danabol 75, Testosterone Base, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate, and tabs such as Dianabol, Anadvar, Oxylone

Atlas Pharma is a young and dynamic company, currently on a good upward growth curve. Atlas Pharma already offers many advantages:

  • Wide range of anabolic products
  • An active research and development team at the cutting edge of developing peptides, growth hormones, and oral anabolic steroids.
  • Authenticity of Products
  • Availability (effective distribution network)
  • Business Ethics

They perfectly meet the current demands while continuing to develop new products to fully meet growing market needs.

Following the commercial boom within the pharmaceutical industry of products that can improve our physiques and well-being, customers expect a lot of a product and can easily switch to another brand if they are not satisfied.

Aware of this, Alpha Pharma offers quality products that will satisfy you and help you achieve your goals more quickly and safely.



British Dispensary celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2012 and is a brand that has a special history.

British-Dispensary anabol

The dispensary was founded in Colombia in 1892 by Dr. Thomas Hayward Hays offering a modern pharmacy with a full-time pharmacist. The brand logo is a snake struck by an arrow. The snake represents illness and the piercing arrow symbolizes medicine overcoming disease. For whatever reason, the “Snake Arrow” stuck to the brand.

The British Dispensary was under the direction and management of Dr. Thai Luan, the ancestor of the Vongvanij family, who took over the pharmacy in 1928 and developed the company to become authorized distributors of many international brands such as Boots, Elizabeth Arden, Christian Dior, etc.

At first, British Dispensary was a tiny clinic in Colombia under the direction of a Thai doctor with a full-time pharmacy. Dr. Luan brought the expertise of traditional Thai medicine, starting with the production of “cold powder” in 1932.

The range of products offered by the pharmacy would grow from the simple cold powder to a diverse array of creams, powders, and oils with significant virtues.

Over time, this small business has grown and is now a world-class laboratory currently offering a wide range of health products from simple moisturizing hand creams to anabolic steroids and diverse growth hormones. On our site, you will find the best  Pink Dianabol, Azolol, Anabol and Androlic.



la-pharmaLA-Pharma is still a young company in the market, but has become famous among users for the superior quality of its products. The brand’s flagship products are the Deca-LA (Deca durabolin Deca-Nan and Deca-Max), Sustanon (Sustanon 250, Sustanon 375, Sustanon 400, ProMax), and the Parabolan (Tren-A, Tren-E, Tri-Tren).

LA-Pharma also has the particular distinction of offering a wide range of oral steroids. This is an important asset for refractory users wishing to build their injection cycles on an ingestible medication.

LA-Pharma products are easy to find. Scarcity need never be a concern or disturb your progress. Their products fall within the same price range as the competition.

Authentic products will ensure you the best results. This will enable you to follow a course of steroids as safely as possible.

LA-Pharma sells its products through leading distributors of anabolic steroids and their factories run at full capacity, ensuring a seamless availability of their products.



Lifetech Labs is laboratory internationally recognized for the quality of its Peptides and its growth hormones. Lifetech Labs was established in March 2010 and is today one of the most modern and innovative laboratories in the market. Based in the forefront of technology, Lifetech is located in the heart of “Science & Technology Park” in Hong Kong. Lifetech Labs is riding the Peptide and HGH revolution and provides a single, common concept on all its product lines: 1 box = 1 specific target = 1 month treatment.
Lifetech Labs has its own research and development as well as its own Marketing & Customers Care that allows it to be in direct contact with the user and to ensure a foolproof quality contract.

The most essential peptides are in their Biopeptide product range:biopeptides

lifetech-labs biosynergy-vial-recoveryLifetech Labs also offers an innovative range of premixed Peptides such as Biosynergy for even more powerful effects oriented around the objectives of:

lifetech-labs-BIOTROPIN-PERFORMANCE-3Finally, Lifetech Labs has also developed high=quality growth hormones with its Biotropin product line:

You can verify the authenticity of Lifetech Labs’ products on their website:



Like many other pharmaceutical companies, Meditech is based in Thailand. Although of German origin, this company has chosen to establish itself in the country of Siam. Thailand is known around the world by professional and amateur bodybuilders as the No. 1 country for quality steroids.

meditech dianabol

Since 2005, Meditech has been one of the leading companies in the production of high-quality drugs for enhancing physical and athletic performance.

Meditech makes it a point of honor to manufacture the purest, most powerful anabolic steroids and make their products available to athletes around the world. They use only active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) of the highest quality (USP / BP) and put in place a strict set of processes to ensure that all products meet the highest industry quality standards.

The bodybuilding market is flooded with a large number of unscrupulous companies that sell low-quality steroids.

Meditech, with their focus on providing effective and safe steroids, give their customers peace of mind and complete satisfaction.

Reliability, credibility, and excellence are the principles that define Meditech. Meditech has built its reputation as an excellent manufacturer of anabolic steroids. They ensure the quality of the products they offer their clients. You can verify the authenticity of Meditech’s products on their official website

To ensure the quality and effectiveness of their drugs, they have a dedicated research and development center where a team is always actively looking to continually improve the effectiveness of their products. The most popular products are the Meditech Dianabol, Clomid, Nolvadex, Sustanon 250 & 400, Deca-Durabolin 250 & 400, and EPO Eporex.



Organon is a Dutch pharmaceutical company with renown in the world of anabolic steroids.

Its first product was insulin in 1923. In the 1930s, they manufactured estrogen. Organon is responsible for placing on the market one of the most well-known and used anabolic steroids in the medium, Deca-Durabolin, also known as Nandrolone. The second essential product of Organon is Sustanon. 



thaiger-pharma debolon

Thaiger Pharma Group was founded in 2007. The head office is based in Hong Kong. Production (laboratory) is based in Thailand because it is the best country in the world for the production of anabolic products.

Thaiger-Pharma is part of the new generation of specialized laboratories in the manufacture of steroids. Particularly dynamic and innovative, the laboratory has quickly achieved a major reputation in the field of steroids.

The Thaiger products such as Debolon (Dianabol), Stormbear and Venaject (50, 75, 100) (Winstrol),  Airclen 40 (Clenbutérol), Pronorm (100, 150) (Testosterone), Androx 400 & SU-350 (testosterones mix), Dexadur 350 (Nandrolones mix) make Thaiger-Pharma currently one of the best laboratories in the market.
Check the authenticity of your Thaiger steroids on their dedicated website: 



Unigen Life Sciences Ltd. is a private company founded in 2001. It is a research-based biopharmaceutical and biotechnology company dedicated to the development, manufacture, and improvement of lifestyle and rejuvenation products.

Unigen Life Sciences’ portfolio includes a wide range of products that help in the treatment of infertility or HIV management.

Unigen Life Sciences Ltd. uses various drug delivery technologies, including controlled release transdermal, oral, and injectable.

With offices strategically based in South Asia, they are sure to meet customer demand, namely product quality that customers have come to expect as well as speedy shipping, while still maintaining affordable prices.

Unigen Life Sciences Ltd has a research team and optimal development.

This company is young, dynamic, and especially concerned about its image and the quality of its products.


Although still a young company, Unigen Life Sciences already offers an impressive variety of anabolic steroids. Unigen Life Sciences specializes in the following products:

  • Human growth hormone
  • Compounds improving libido
  • Testosterone in various forms and several derivatives of testosterone (Depot Test 250, Test Comp 250)
  • Fertility agents