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Alpha-Pharma Healthcare is located in the Chandivali business park in Mumbai, India. Since 2008, Alpha-Pharma has offered development contract generic pharmaceutical licenses in their R & D center (research and development). This enables them to help their partners with missions such as:

  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Process validation
  • Development of fixed-dose formulation
  • Test and dissolution test
  • Scale production laboratory test batches
  • Development record
  • Contract manufacturing on a commercial basis


alpha-phama boldebolin

In addition, their Regulatory Affairs team is able to compile technical data according to specific folders for each country and can help achieve bioequivalence studies for clinical research organizations’ relevant guidelines as necessary.

Therefore, they have final dosage forms manufacturing capacity in their facilities that are specific to countries approved. To this we can add an active fight against counterfeit products. All their products can be authenticated through an authentication system to two factors:

Each product has a serial number which is visible on the bottle or box and a security code to be scratched. The serial number and the security code can be entered on the authentication website to verify the authenticity of the product. Alpha-Pharma has managed in a few years to build a very solid reputation. This is not surprising given the quality of their products, such as Boldebolin, Induject-250, Mastebolin, NandroRapid, Nandrobolin, Alphabolin,Oxanabol, Oxydrolone, Rexogin, Rexobol, Oxydrolone, Thyro3, Astralean, Testobolin, TestoRapid, Provibol, Altamofen, Vitagon

Alpha-Pharma has a commitment to mankind, a commitment of improving the quality of life for each and every individual through which they constantly strive to innovate, improve and increase the availability of cost-efficient generic medicines to the global market.

They believe that medicine should be available to all people regardless of their location, and affordable for them at any income level such that the cost of medical treatment should not be a concern for any part of the population.

Through their commitment they have chosen to focus their resources on generic medicines in which field they aim to increase the availability of their quality medicines and increase global awareness of the vast financial savings offered to society by making generic medicines available to the general population.


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Lifetech Labs is laboratory internationally recognized for the quality of its Peptides and its growth hormones. Lifetech Labs was established in March 2010 and is today one of the most modern and innovative laboratories in the market. Based in the forefront of technology, Lifetech is located in the heart of “Science & Technology Park” in Hong Kong. Lifetech Labs is riding the Peptide and HGH revolution and provides a single, common concept on all its product lines: 1 box = 1 specific target = 1 month treatment.
Lifetech Labs has its own research and development as well as its own Marketing & Customers Care that allows it to be in direct contact with the user and to ensure a foolproof quality contract.

The most essential peptides are in their Biopeptide product range:

lifetech-labs biosynergy-vial-recoveryLifetech Labs also offers an innovative range of premixed Peptides such as Biosynergy for even more powerful effects oriented around the objectives of:

lifetech-labs-BIOTROPIN-PERFORMANCE-3Finally, Lifetech Labs has also developed high=quality growth hormones with its Biotropin product line:

You can verify the authenticity of Lifetech Labs’ products on their website: